Introducing Feature Presentation Friday: Review of the Wild Africa Trek

Feature Presentation Friday

It’s Feature Presentation Friday!

Feature Presentation Friday is a relatively new series where I basically talk about a topic that I feel deserves some attention. It may be either Disney related (movies, parks, etc.), general travel related, or child life related. In these posts I hope to provide some additional information on something I am passionate about that I feel others should know about. At the end, I welcome discussion from any readers who have questions, would like to share their experiences, or who want to offer an opinion in the comment section below.

Today’s Feature Presentation Friday:

A Review of the Wild Africa Trek

Wild Africa Trek 002

What is it?

The Wild Africa Trek is a tour offered at an additional cost (website now says $189 to $249 per person) at the Animal Kingdom mostly on Kilamajaro Safari. During the tour, you get a slowed down version of the safari (to enable better picture taking) along with a trek on foot through some of the Safari grounds. Lunch is included on the Savannah and a photos service is also provided and included in that price.

Our Experience

We participated in this tour on our honeymoon in October 2013 (so bear with me while I recount the details!). Once you get to the meet up point, it’s time to suit up! As shown in the pictures below, you will need to wear a vest and a harness for your safety during the on foot portion of the tour. Your camera must be strapped to your body or connected to your vest, and they will give you strings for your sunglasses. If your personal items fall during the tour, there is no getting them back! You are also given a water bottle with a carabiner to attach to your vest and use during the trek but also take home as a souvenir.

From there, you meet your two guides who will help provide guidance and information while also being your photopass photographers for the day and are taken on the start of your tour on foot. During this portion you “hike” through semi backstage areas to get to your first breathtaking view of the hippos. As you can see from the pictures below, your harness is tethered to ensure your safety giving you the ability to walk right up to the edge and look down.Wild Africa Trek 011 Wild Africa Trek 023

From there, it’s time to traverse the rope bridges you may have noticed while riding the Safari. If you or anyone in your party is afraid of heights, this may not be for you. Otherwise, it is an amazing experience. The rope bridges are pretty high up and you walk right over the crocodile pit! Again you are tethered much like you would be on a ropes course here so despite the fact that the planks on the bridge are spaced apart (which offers you a better view down below your feet), you’re not going anywhere!

Wild Africa Trek 084

Wild Africa Trek 085

From there, you board a ride vehicle (different than the ordinary vehicle) and are taken on a modified (and slower) version of the safari. During our tour at least the driver was able to pull over for extended periods to allow us to take pictures with animals in the background and to talk more in depth about the different wildlife on the plains.Wild Africa Trek 157

Then it’s time to stop for lunch…. on the savannah! Here are a few of the amazing views from our picnic spot!



We found the lunch to be very tasty. It is pictured below in very cute cantina containers. I don’t remember exactly what the menu was but I know that there was a fruit salad, a curry chicken salad, a very tasty hummus with little naan rounds, and a few other dishes. I wouldn’t say it was the heartiest of meals but for us it worked out fine.Wild Africa Trek 176


Was it Worth it?

YES! I felt it was worth every penny we spent as a once in a lifetime thing. We did many special things on our honeymoon from Party for the Senses to Victoria and Alberts to a Spa experience and more. This was by far my favorite thing that we did (and all those other things were pretty great!). Now, I do love the experience of the Safari in general so I may be a little biased but I would definitely recommend this tour.

Want to book it for yourself? Call 407-WDW-TOUR and ENJOY it!

Have you done the Wild Africa Trek? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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