Friday Five: Five Great Places to Cool Off at Walt Disney World

Friday Five

Happy Friday Everyone!

For those just tuning in, “Friday Five” is a weekly series where I do a quick rundown of 5 things in a certain topic. Kind of like Magic Moment Monday, I designed it as a positive wrap up to my own week to delve into a topic I really enjoy.

To complement this week’s Meltdown Monday post on “Beating the Heat at Walt Disney World” todays Friday Five is:

Five Great Places to Cool Off at Walt Disney World

(In No Particular Order)

  1. The Seas Pavilion at EPCOT I chose this pavilion because there are multiple attractions and experiences contained within this pavilion that would appeal to many different types of guests and age groups. Without having to walk out in the sun and heat at all you can ride The Seas with Nemo and Friends then watch Turtle Talk with Crush, admire the different marine life exhibits including the large dive tank, watch short videos on marine life, watch a demonstration by the marine biologists and divers working in the pavilion, or play a bit in the Finding Nemo play area. In addition, this pavilion is home to the Finding Nemo souvenir shop, the Coral Reef restaurant, and some great tours for additional fees. You could easily spend over an hour out of the sun in this excellently planned pavilion!

    Photo Credit: Walt Disney Company
    Photo Credit: Walt Disney Company
  2. Rafiki’s Planet Watch/Conservation Station at Disney’s Animal Kingdom This area of Animal Kingdom gives guests an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes working with the animals along with providing education on different species and wildlife conservation. After taking the train over to this part of the park, you can experience animal encounters, watch the park veterinarians work with the animals, prepare nutrition and even perform procedures from time to time. There are also exhibits on conservation around the world and glimpses into the animal’s habitats backstage on the “animal cams.” This is another place where your family can take an hour or more long break out of the hot sun. When you’ve cooled off, you can also visit the connected Affection Section petting zoo where guests can get hands on experience with animals like sheep and goats.

    Photo Credit: the Walt Disney Company
    Photo Credit: the Walt Disney Company
  3. Finding Nemo the Musical at Animal Kingdom As people may know from previous posts, my favorite stage show on property is Finding Nemo the Musical. While it stays true to story of Finding Nemo, it shortens the story line and adds in the new elements of musical theater and puppetry. As with Disney feature films, the music is well done and fits nicely with the story line. The puppetry in this show is also amazing and appealing to young and old alike. As everyone is seated during this experience in an air conditioned theater it provides not only time out of the heat and sun but also time to rest and relax. The show is 40 minutes long though guests are let in the theater a few minutes before that leading to almost an hour long break from the heat.

    Photo Credit: Walt Disney Company
    Photo Credit: Walt Disney Company
  4. Enchanted Tales with Belle at the Magic Kingdom This is an interactive experience of the story of Beauty and the Beast told by Belle, Lumiere, and members of the audience. This attraction is located in Fantasyland and takes you through the multiple scenes related to Belle’s story. Whether you volunteer and get chosen to participate or simply enjoy as a member of the audience you will enjoy a 20-30 minute break from the heat and sunshine once inside. The line for this attraction can get lengthy, however, and is slow moving so I would recommend Fastpass+ to help plan this break into your day.

    Photo Credit: Walt Disney Company
    Photo Credit: Walt Disney Company
  5.  Spaceship Earth at EPCOT This iconic figure in the Walt Disney World landscape is not only aesthetically pleasing but an excellent place to take a break from the heat. This educational yet technologically interactive experience takes you through the history of communication all the way back to the cavemen, Egyptians, and Phoenicians.  The attraction itself is a 15 minute slow ride in air conditioning and low light which can be fascinating for some but also a good place for a catnap if needed for those not as interested in this history. In front of you there is also a screen to “choose your own adventure” for the future which can be fun even for those not interested in the rest of the attraction. As the ride lets out, you also have the opportunity to remain in the air-conditioning and interact with many different games or send a virtual postcard from space! With this post ride interactive experience, you can give yourself a pretty lengthy break from the heat and sun.

    Photo Credit: Walt Disney World
    Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Disney provides so many great places to take a break from the heat. From attractions to restaurants to experiences and of course resort pools, there is a “chill zone” for everyone. What are some of your favorites? Comment below and let us know!

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