Introducing Feature Presentation Friday: Information on TSA Passenger Support Specialists for Guests Traveling with Special Needs

Feature Presentation Friday

Introducing Feature Presentation Friday!

Feature Presentation Friday is a new series I’ve come up with to basically talk about a topic that I feel deserves some attention. It may be either Disney related (movies, parks, etc.), general travel related, or child life related. In these posts I hope to provide some additional information on something I am passionate about that I feel others should know about. At the end, I welcome discussion from any readers who have questions, would like to share their experiences, or who want to offer an opinion in the comment section below.

Today’s Feature Presentation Friday:

TSA Passenger Support Specialists

As a child life specialist I have worked with many families with children or adults with many different special needs. Whether they be medical, developmental, psychological, dietary, emotional,  or of another type, I understand how hard it can be to travel given these circumstances. Getting through a TSA checkpoint can be a huge concern when traveling with family members with emotional disturbances, autism, physical disabilities, or medical technology such as pacemakers.To aid in supporting these families, I wanted to alert readers to the availability of TSA Passenger Support Specialists.

According to the TSA Blog, Passenger Support Specialists (PSS) “are Transportation Security Officers, Lead TSOs and Supervisors who have volunteered to take on the responsibility of assisting passengers who may need a little help at the checkpoint. They receive additional training involving scenarios such as resolving traveler-related screening concerns and assisting travelers with disabilities and medical conditions.”

As the quote states, these Passenger Support Specialists receive additional training to be prepared to assist in special circumstances. These specialists would probably be especially helpful for those families with special needs traveling by air for the first time or for those traveling with a newer condition but may even be helpful for those who have travelled many many times.

If you think it might be a useful service for your family, try calling 1-855-787-2227 to see how a Passenger Support Specialist may be helpful to you. It seems that there should be specialists at every gate without calling ahead as well for those who want to wait until they get to the airport.  These specialists should be able to help tailor the screening to your family’s needs including fears, aversions, sensitivities, visible or invisible illnesses or disabilities, and hidden medical equipment that may be effected by the scanner. It is best to bring any documentation you have for any medical equipment you have that prevents a normal screening; however, by explaining the situation to a Passenger Support Specialist you should be able to get an alternative screening tailored to your needs without that documentation.

Has anyone used a Passenger Support Specialist? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Traveling with a child or adult with special needs and need assistance planning your trip? I will work with you to provide accommodations that fit your family’s needs at the best price possible. I can book everything from hotels to tickets to dining reservations and can assist in navigating a vacation with anything from anxiety or aversions to food allergies, illnesses, or disabilities. Contact me today for a free quote at Remember, my services are ALWAYS free of charge to you!



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