Top 10 Reasons to Book Your Next Disney Destination Vacation Through a Travel Agent

Exciting News!

I am excited to announce that I have just started as an independent contractor for Magical Vacation Planner, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planning Agency! Through the process of researching the role, applying to the agency, and training to take on this role I have learned the many benefits of using a travel agent and wanted to share that information with all of you to help you book even more magical and stress-free vacations.



Here is a list of the Top 10 Reasons you should consider using a Travel Agent to book your next Disney Destination Vacation:

1. Knowledge

Travel Agents that work for agencies that are authorized Disney Vacation Planners are knowledgeable of the product they sell. Not only are they graduates of the “Disney College of Knowledge” but they have gone on many trips themselves, keep up to date with the latest news in the various Disney Destinations, and are overall passionate about the magic people can experience on these vacations. I personally know Walt Disney World like the back of my hand, so much so that I can visually map out the parks in my mind to provide turn by turn directions if needed! Along with my own vacations for “research” I keep up with the Disney Travel Agent Website, listen to multiple podcasts per week, and read various websites, blogs, and forums to ensure I have the most up to date (and official) information out there.

Especially for those making their first trip (or first trip in a while) to any of the Disney Destinations, this knowledge can make the world of difference in planning the most magical vacation tailored to your family’s needs.

2. Deals

Authorized Disney Vacation Planning Agencies like Magical Vacation Planner get alerts when promotions like Free Dining become available. When possible (depending on your needs and preferences) travel agents will even work to rebook vacations to apply promotions that become available AFTER you book.

3. Disney Dining Reservations and Recommendations

Travel Agents know the best places to dine and are happy to make recommendations based on your family or travel group’s preferences. Travel Agents can also take the hassle out of dining recommendations by booking these reservations for you up to 180 days before you check in. Travel Agents will try their best to get you even the harder to get reservations by getting up early to book so you don’t have to!

4. Assistance with My Magic+

Even if you have been to Disney in the past, using My Magic+ may be new for you. Plus, as Disney becomes more technologically advanced more and more features are added into the system. Especially for first time travelers, the many facets of My Magic + can be confusing and at times daunting. Travel Agents can help you navigate this system and give you pointers on how to use it to make the most of your vacation.

5. FastPass+ Recommendations

Part of knowing the product inside and out is being able to help you plan and strategize to make your vacation as stress free as possible. Travel Agents can help you decide on a plan of tackling the parks that works best for your family based on crowd levels, attraction preferences, and estimated queue lengths for the season you wish to travel. Based on this knowledge and knowledge about your group or family, they can recommend what FastPass+ reservations you may want to schedule to reduce your wait time for some of your “Must-Do” attractions.

6. Special Event and Recreation Recommendations

Interested in behind the scenes tours, fireworks cruises, holiday events, or the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival? What about a fishing excursion, parasailing, golfing, surfing lessons, or horse drawn carriage rides? Didn’t know these things existed at Walt Disney World? Travel Agents can provide recommendations and information on all of these things and more!

Disney Vacations are also the perfect way to celebrate important milestones and events in your life. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, honeymoon, family reunion, or just being together and away from work you’re looking to celebrate, Travel Agents can help you find magical extras to plan into your vacations that fit the occasion! Travel Agents can help note these celebrations in your reservation to alert cast members of your celebration; recommend things that can be delivered to your hotel room, stateroom, or dining location; or even offer ideas for experiences that will surprise the guest of honor in your party!

7. Less Phone Wait Times, Early Mornings, or Late Nights for You

Particularly during peak times, it is important to grab those promotions or popular dining reservations as early as possible. Travel Agents will wake up early and get on the phone at 7 a.m. to try to accommodate your needs so you don’t have to. Phone wait times for peak season reservations can be long and reservations can book quickly which can be stressful. Travel Agents will take this hassle off your plate and do what they can to make your Disney  Dreams realities!

8. Trouble Shooting

Need to rent a stroller, wheelchair, or scooter? Deciding whether or not to get a rental car? Need help figuring out the difference between the various ticketing options Disney has to offer? Need help finding out where your child can meet their favorite Disney Princess? All things a Travel Agent can help with!

9. It’s not JUST About Theme Parks

Sure, we all know about Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida but there are so many more Disney Destinations to explore. Take the world by storm on an Adventure’s By Disney tour, have adventures on the high seas on a Disney Cruise, or relax and take in the beautiful Hawaiian landscape at Aulani. Travel Agents can provide you with all the information you need to find the absolute best option for you and your party.

10. FREE Service!

Travel Agencies like Magical Vacation Planner NEVER charge you a dime for their services. Your vacation will never cost you more than booking directly through Disney but may end up costing you LESS. Travel Agents attempt to find you the best deal possible for your needs and preferences because they want you to continue coming back and telling your friends all about the service you received. Travel Agents always put their customers first and want to ensure that  you are satisfied with your vacation and have a magical time making life long memories.

Want to Learn More?

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Contact me at I would be happy to answer your questions about using a travel agent, provide you with information regarding the various Disney Destinations, or quote/book your next vacation! I look forward to hearing from you!


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