Disney Magic Trip Report Day 8, Part 1: A 5k and Serenity Bay!

Trip Report

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Day 8, Part 1: A 5k and Serenity Bay!

Finally, the day had come we had been waiting for (though not necessarily hoping it would come sooner since it was the last full day of our trip!) Castaway Cay Day! Out of all the islands we were visiting we were most excited about Castaway Cay because we were both comfortable that we didn’t have to plan anything and we could still have an amazing day. We were also comfortable that what we were seeing in pictures beforehand was what we were really going to get. It’s basically that sense of Disney quality we have come to know and love. While the other islands left us a bit disappointed in our expectations, we knew Disney wouldn’t let us down… and we were completely right!

Our plan for the morning was that Dave wanted to run the Castaway Cay 5k and I wanted to get off the boat as soon as possible to take some pictures and meander my way down to Serenity Bay where we were going to meet up after Dave’s run. Dave didn’t actually sign up for the run, which he found out that morning he was supposed to, but they let him join in anyway. If you’re interested in running, probably a good thing to ask about at guest services, but know that they will probably let you join in even if you forget!

While Dave got ready for the 5k below deck with the other runners, I waited up top for the crew to clear people to go ashore and took a few pictures.

2015-01-10 09.06.22

2015-01-10 09.08.39 2015-01-10 09.10.01

This is one port where it was actually beautiful to take pictures right off the side of the ship. I also couldn’t help but take advantage of the empty pool deck!2015-01-10 09.17.00 2015-01-10 09.19.14

Once we were cleared, I headed down to the gangway to start venturing around the island. Besides the 5k runners, there weren’t as many people getting off the boat that early as I thought. I wanted to be sure I was taking full advantage though and took pictures as I made my way walking down to Serenity Bay.

2015-01-10 09.34.21

It’s kind of amazing how beautifully the boat blends into Castaway Cay, just another nod to that Disney detail!

2015-01-10 09.36.35 2015-01-10 09.37.02 2015-01-10 09.38.17 2015-01-10 09.49.51 2015-01-10 09.50.48 2015-01-10 09.52.42

Not too many people on the family beach yet as you can see.2015-01-10 09.54.02

I also took a few moments to look in the shops knowing that the Castaway Cay merchandise could sell out. I didn’t see anything I “had to have” and decided to save for splurges on the ship (as I had already seen a few things I liked onboard!).

2015-01-10 09.54.58

Here are the 5k runners at the starting point. Now it was January so it wasn’t the terribly hot weather you find in Florida and the Caribbean in the summer. However, it was definitely hot enough to call them all “brave souls.” I definitely commend people who take fitness seriously and run on vacation and in the heat, I am just not one of those people!2015-01-10 09.55.48 2015-01-10 10.06.56-1

Here’s Dave on his run! (Above)

And now a few photos of Serenity Bay that morning. People had started to trickle in a bit by the time I walked all the way down,  but still pretty empty.

2015-01-10 10.14.22 2015-01-10 10.25.14

So much so, that I was still able to snag the last hammock to relax on while I waited for Dave (and to take an obligatory feet on the hammock in front of a beautiful ocean picture).2015-01-10 10.47.41

After Dave returned, he jumped in the water for a quick dip. When I say quick, I mean probably less than 30 seconds because the water was pretty chilly. There was definitely a big difference between the water we tromped through in Grand Cayman and here. If going in January on an adults only trip, I wouldn’t count on things like snorkeling unless you really don’t mind water temperature. We did see a few kids in the water when we passed the family beach, but not too many adults swimming on their own accord!

2015-01-10 11.15.57After his quick dip, we took a few minutes to relax on the hammock before giving it up and venturing off to explore the island!

Next Up: Exploring Castaway Cay!

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