Disney Magic Trip Report Day 7, Part 1: Another Amazing Sea Day!

Trip Report

Ohana Means Family: The Disney Difference

Day 7, Part 1: Another Amazing Sea Day!

As you can probably already tell, we aren’t the kind of couple who can just lay out all day by the pool on a sea day (though sometimes I wish it worked for me!) and our second sea day was no exception. We packed it with activities! The problem was, I didn’t always take the time to write down what we did and came home with question marks marking the gaps of time that I have no idea what we did!

Anyway, we started our day with breakfast at Cabanas. It was really windy but we opted to sit up on the top deck anyway (which proved to be more challenging than we thought). After a bit of a hastened breakfast, we spent some time up on deck watching the waves roll through before heading to the You Can Cook demonstration. We thought about spending some time at the pool, but it was a bit too windy and rocky for us.

This demonstration was making apple strudel and it was paired with a sweet red sparkling wine that I really wished I had gotten the name of. It was awesome to watch the chef manipulate the dough with such ease, however, there’s no way I would be able to duplicate a strudel of that size myself!

2015-01-09 10.45.08

The strudel and the wine pairing were both delicious. The pastry crust part was so light and I enjoyed the addition of raisins and nuts both for taste and texture. The red wine was so good that one of our table mates and I both got a glass to have with dinner.

2015-01-09 10.47.06

After the You Can Cook demo we headed out to find Jack Jack’s Diaper Dash about to start, so we watched it from the balcony. Originally, it wasn’t an activity we were going to make a point to see, but it was actually really cute. Here it is in a nutshell:

Here’s one of my question marks, we probably dilly-dallied a bit before heading to lunch at Lumiere’s (even though it felt like we hadn’t stopped eating all morning!). I had pasta with clam sauce and Dave had seafood risotto. It’s crazy how many courses they offer for every meal! There’s no way we’d have room for something from each course eating on the schedule we did!

After lunch we headed to Big Hero 6 in 3D. It was so great being able to see so many movies in the theater, especially in 3D knowing we had already paid and should take advantage of them. Living in New York City it’s sometimes hard to justify spending $40 on 2 tickets to see a movie and not even think about snacks or dinner beforehand, so the movies were definitely a treat for us.

Big Hero 6 was definitely my favorite that we saw on the trip. Aside from the fact that Baymax is a personal healthcare worker/child life specialist in disguise, I thought it was really engaging yet heartfelt plot. Definitely a must see for those who have yet to!

After the movie we headed to O’Gills for Know it All Trivia. If you make it a point to do one of the trivia games, unless you are partial to a certain musical genre, I’d definitely say do this one. Know it All Trivia was definitely the most fun and engaging yet frustrating of all of the trivia games. Every other night the trivia was pretty straight forward. There’s a question you have to answer or a song/artist you must guess. This one was a bit different. First of all, the goal is to get the LEAST amount of points. I know, a bit weird for trivia, let me explain how it works.

For each question open ended question for example “Name a Color in the Rainbow” (the questions were much harder than this but this is just an example to illustrate how the game works) they asked a hundred people and totaled their responses (much like Family Feud). Your job is to pick the answer no one said. Whatever you pick, you add the number of people who said it to your total score. The trick is, there are also one or two wrong answers put in there to fool you. If you pick one of these, you get 100 points added to your score.

So when the question Name a Color of the Rainbow comes up, perhaps these would be your choices:

Yellow, Orange, Brown, Violet, Black, Green, Blue, Indigo, Red

If you pick Brown or Black you would get 100 points added. If you pick the one no one said (let’s say here it was indigo) you get zero points added and the others you’d get however many people said it. Maybe you pick yellow and only 3 people said it, you get three points. Maybe you pick Red and that happened to be the top answer with 65 people, you’d get 65 points.

We teamed up with a couple we had met at a previous activity and did very well. We would have tied for first, if we didn’t play it safe on one question. That’s the strategy in it… if you aren’t sure whether an answer is correct or not, you may want to play it safe just to avoid that 100 points!

Then we went back to the room and packed for a bit. If you’re able to, I would definitely recommend starting your packing on this last sea day. We did it mainly because we didn’t want to spoil Castaway Cay day and it was well worth it.

After packing we headed to the theater to watch Disney Dreams. This was my favorite of the shows. Sure, parts of the plot were a bit over the top, but I love the music from the movies and this show really celebrated the best of Disney’s soundtrack. Also, thinking about this show in particular from a technical standpoint, it’s utterly amazing. The amount of set changes, props, puppets, lighting effects, etc. that go into this show left me awestruck, especially considering how they must tetris all of these things (plus the props from the other shows) into such a small area.

After the show… you guessed it…. more trivia! We met up with two of our table mates and joined forces for 70’s trivia… and of course hit up the appetizer bar! From there, it was time for dinner at Lumiere’s where Dave and I both had the mushroom soup and lobster tail. The mushroom soup was delicious, and the lobster tail was good too. Of course, cooking hundreds of lobster tails makes it difficult to get it cooked perfectly but it was still enjoyable!

From there, we went to Fathoms with our table mates for the adult variety show. This time it was a magician, who we ended up laughing at more than we laughed with… In my opinion, the adult variety shows just weren’t worth it. We kept going thinking we might be surprised by them and because there weren’t really too many other activities at that time of night to keep us busy. However, given the opportunity to cruise again I’d definitely skip them. The shows led by the crew in Fathoms we loved, but the variety talent just didn’t cut it for us.

Then it was time to head back to the room and get ready for a fun filled day at Castaway Cay the next morning and our final full day of the cruise!

Next Up: A 5k and Serenity Bay!

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