Disney Magic Trip Report Day 6, Part 3: Palo and Pirates

Trip Report

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Day 6, Part 3: Palo and Pirates!

When we were planning the trip, Dave was a little iffy on splurging on both brunch and dinner at Palo. I admit, there were times I too questioned if it was really worth the extra money and whether or not we should just wait for the next cruise to do dinner. I did my research and both looked really good, but there was still the question of is it worth it. I finally just booked it and kind of told Dave the plan rather than asking him…. In the end I am so glad we did both (and so is he!). Beyond the fact that both dinner and brunch were worth the cover charge, there was also the fact that we ended up getting the $200 from our excursion refunded and that I had gotten sick halfway through brunch and wasn’t fully able to enjoy it. If you are contemplating a similar circumstance and can swing the cover, DO IT!

2015-01-08 18.50.05 2015-01-08 18.50.19

We took our pictures beforehand since we knew we wouldn’t want to once we were stuffed! Our waiter this time was Mriko from Croatia. We were surprised we did not get the same waitress as brunch (since she was there) but she did come over and say hello and see how we were doing. When ordering, we asked our waiter for his recommendations and went with most of them. 2015-01-08 19.01.00

First up was our antipasti. Olives, artichokes, aged parmesan with balsamic vinegar, prosciutto, and peppers. All delicious, but especially the parmesan with balsamic and the artichokes!

2015-01-08 19.12.39

Appetizers: Jumbo pesto marinated shrimp (above) which I really liked and the fried calamari (below) which Dave really wanted to try (Mriko had recommended the tomato and mozzarella salad so this one was a bit different from his recommendations). Both were good, of the two I preferred the shrimp.

2015-01-08 19.12.45

Below: Pasta course we chose the gnocchi which melted in your mouth- delicious. This was another thing that Mriko had a different recommendation for. He recommended the lobster ravioli, but since we had the lobster ravioli during the you can cook demo, we opted for this instead.

2015-01-08 19.30.46 2015-01-08 19.30.50

Above: Oregano and Parmesan crusted lamb; Below: Beef tenderloin “Palo” with gorgonzola cheese sauce. The lamb was easily the best course on the menu, if you like lamb, don’t miss this. The beef tenderloin was good, but the lamb out shined it. For me, it might have been slightly because of my previous experience that week with gorgonzola, but Dave also found the lamb to be by far the better of the two.

2015-01-08 19.30.41

I’m not sure how we still had room, but we had enough room that I asked Mriko for a small portion of the mushroom risotto which was amazing. Don’t be fooled by the look, besides the lamb definitely one of my favorite courses.
2015-01-08 20.01.46 2015-01-08 20.20.07

We also split two desserts. The chocolate souffle, of course, but we also asked for the tiramisu. The souffle was really good, however, it wasn’t as good as the tiramisu. Now, you can get the tiramisu at brunch… I just didn’t make it that long!

2015-01-08 20.20.23

After dinner, it was almost time for the pirate party. We got changed quickly and donned our pirate garb before heading to deck 10 to secure a spot for the party.2015-01-08 20.50.10

For people without kids, deck 10 is where to be. You still get a great view of the show (and possibly a better view for the fireworks) but you still get a bit of distance from the “action.” We got there early and secured a spot right up against the inner rail.2015-01-08 22.04.34

The show was really cute, fun, and engaging for the whole family. The fireworks were also quite impressive. No, they aren’t as good as the parks but you’re on a BOAT! Also, the boat was so rocky and there was so much wind, I thought for sure there wouldn’t be fireworks or a visit from a special friend (don’t want to spoil for those who don’t know). However, the captain actually slowed down the ship and turned it from course in such a way that it was calm enough for the show to continue. Mriko had said there were very few conditions where they wouldn’t be able to find a way to make the fireworks work.2015-01-08 22.25.24

After the fireworks, we headed to the pirate buffet even though I was way too stuffed to eat anything. There were lots of choices including quite a few “create your own” bars: crepes, sundaes, nachos/tacos, baked potatoes, as well as desserts, fruit, turkey legs, and other snacks. Dave made himself a crepe and we headed to our room to watch part of a Disney movie before bed.

Next Up: Another Amazing Sea Day!

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