Disney Magic Trip Report Day 5, Part 2: Back to an Empty Boat!

Trip Report

Ohana Means Family: The Disney Difference

Day 5, Part 2: Back to an Empty Boat!

Well, even though we didn’t have the best experience in Grand Cayman (definitely will plan that out differently if we go back), we did get back on the boat at 2:00 pm and enjoyed the empty pool deck!

We headed to the adults only area of the pool and were the only ones in the hot tub and there weren’t many people in the pool. The family pool was also pretty empty and Dave was able to go on the AquaDunk multiple times with no line (though once was still enough for me!). After the pool, we grabbed some pineapple and vanilla twist ice cream and headed down to get changed before heading to Into the Woods.

Now I haven’t seen the musical, but I think I hyped myself up too much for this one. It was good, just not as good as what I had laid out in my mind. I thought the actors, special effects, costuming, music etc. were awesome. I just wasn’t so hooked into the story line as I wished I was. It was probably my least favorite of the movies I saw on the ship. We also broke down and bought popcorn for the show… it’s just too hard for me to resist when I smell it popping all the time (since our room was just down from the movie theater- we passed the popcorn machine A LOT!).

While we waited for Twice Charmed we went out on Deck 4 and played around with the camera on my iPhone 6 as the sunset. We took some “trick panoramic” shots and a time lapse video as the sun dipped below the horizon. Here are some of them:

2015-01-07 16.45.29 2015-01-07 16.56.50 2015-01-07 16.57.40 2015-01-07 16.54.27

After that, we met up with two of our table mates to see Twice Charmed. This was a very cute show and had the most cohesive story line of them all I felt. Definitely worth seeing, even the boys liked it!

After that we all went to Who Wants to be a Mousketeer together. This was also very fun and cute. Our female table mate and I were hoping to get picked and the guys were very happy to give us their numbers if they did. You are probably starting to see that we got along really well with this couple! We didn’t end up getting picked but it was fun guessing the trivia and trying to help out the contestants during the “ask the audience”. It was also really fun how the hosts tried to steer the person in the right direction if they seemed unsure. Very fun family oriented gameshow (many of the contestants were kids). Everyone wins something, but they made sure the kids won the full prize.

From there, it was time for dinner back at Carioca’s for the Prince and Princess dinner. I had the Duck Quesadilla (it was good, but nothing to write home about… wasn’t really in quesadilla form either), the lamb medallions with polenta (amazing) and Princess Jasmine’s Banana Bread Pudding (also amazing, very reminiscent of ‘Ohana).

Dave had the polenta cakes (very good), the saffron muscle soup (he said it was so delicious he would have licked the bowl clean), the portobello mushroom triangoli pasta (very good) and the sweet temptations which that night came with bite sized lemon cheesecake, tiramisu, and fluorless chocolate cake (which he said was the best of the three).

It is worth to note that two of the three desserts of the sweet temptations were always sugar free. Which is good for those limiting sugar, but also of note for people like me who are sensitive to artificial sweeteners. Though I would have liked to try a sweet temptations plate (since you got to try 3 desserts instead of 1) it wasn’t worth it for me. Dave loved it though, and I was happy with my dessert each night anyway!

From dinner, we went to Fathoms for the adult entertainment for the night. First there was an Elton John impersonator. Though I like Elton John, this guy didn’t do it for me. He was too over the top even for Elton John (which says something!).

After that it was the Match Your Mate Game Show where they pick three couples: the one who has been together the longest (which was somewhere over 50 years for our show), the one who has been together the shortest (which was 22 DAYS for our show not just how long they’ve dated, but how long they knew each other… but really, how do you know someone for less than 3 weeks and plan a cruise with them) and then a couple somewhere in the middle chosen by doing the craziest thing you can (this couple had been together a couple of years). I’m not going to spoil this for people, but it was very funny and worth checking out!

Then it was time for bed, we had an exciting day planned for the next day!

Next Up: Mr. MOB, Mr. MOB, Mr. MOB to the Aft (really this time)

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2 Replies to “Disney Magic Trip Report Day 5, Part 2: Back to an Empty Boat!”

  1. Well since you asked, dated my husband for 3 weeks and brought him on a cruise. Celebrating our 13th year of marriage this year 😉 It happens! Loved your report!


    1. Congrats! Definitely not saying it’s not possible but would be hard to win the game if you met three weeks ago! Also hard to plan a cruise in three weeks in general being from I think Chicago but good for them for trying and getting cool consolation prizes for doing so!


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