Disney Magic Trip Report Day 4, Part 3: The Animator’s Palate Lonely Hearts Club Dinner!

Trip Report

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Day 4, Part 3: The Animator’s Palate Lonely Hearts Club Dinner!

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post, things have gotten a little hectic around here! Since my last post I accepted a job as a Child Life Specialist in Connecticut, bought a car, having been trying to power through my thesis and exam studying, and have started getting ready to move! What a whirlwind few days!

After trivia we went back to the room to get ready for formal night early (because we had big plans for the evening!). Then we headed to the first Captain’s Reception for the first dining wave. We wanting to get our obligatory picture with the captain and also get a few free adult beverages!

2015-01-06 17.20.40

At the captain’s reception, servers are walking around with trays of complimentary drinks you can choose from. There is a red wine, a white wine, a cosmopolitan, a yellow bird, or a nonalcoholic juice cocktail for the kids. They aren’t very strong, but you can basically take as many as you want during the time period. Keep in mind, there are two captain’s receptions (one for each dining wave) and it’s perfectly okay to stop by either or both if you’d like.

From the reception, we went on to the theater to see Villain’s Tonight. I liked this show, it was cute and funny, but it wasn’t my favorite of them all. There were definitely a good amount of modern jokes slipped in to keep the adults interested and it was overall enjoyable.

Then we headed back to O’Gills for Villains Trivia (and the appetizer buffet… one of my guilty pleasures on the cruise). For this trivia, the cruise staff member read a quote and you had to name the movie and the villain who said it. Not my proudest Disney trivia moment (and Dave wasn’t any help on this one) we got 17/34 points. HOWEVER, we were one of only two groups to get this one: You know, I’ve always wanted a child. And now I think I’ll have one… on toast! Can you guess it correctly? Look down below the “Next Up” for the answer.

After trivia we swung through the second wave’s captain’s reception to grab a drink on our way to Animator’s Palate for dinner. Coincidentally, all three of the other couples we were sitting with had Palo that night so we were all alone. Obviously it was nice to have a dinner to ourselves, but a little weird to sit an an 8 top table with just two people. We did get A LOT of extra attention tonight from Okim and Jay and even the head server tonight.

2015-01-06 20.36.54

This night I also took some pictures of the decor and some of the food we had that night.

2015-01-06 20.16.09

The famous paintbrush butter knifes. I seriously almost bought one of these at the giftshop!

2015-01-06 20.13.57

Close up of the centerpieces with our table number.

2015-01-06 20.37.18

For an appetizer I had the black truffle pasta purseittes. They were amazing, I seriously could have just ordered multiple portions of these for my meal and been happy as a clam. The sauce is creamy but not overbearing and there’s just the right amount of truffle that it is not overpowering. Dave got the serrano ham which I did not grab a picture of.

2015-01-06 20.45.53

For his entree, Dave got the above ginger teriyaki beef tenderloin with wasabi mashed potatoes. I was kind of surprised by this because he does not tend to order beef when we go out (don’t ask me why as he happily eats it at home) but he really enjoyed it.

2015-01-06 20.45.43

I got the Lemon Thyme Marinated chicken with sour cream mashed potatoes and roasted root veggies which was really good.

2015-01-06 21.04.52

For dessert, I got the cookies and cream sundae. Now, this sundae looks perfect but most times when other people got ice cream it was half melted when it arrived. It’s understandable when you’re serving in such high volume, but just an fyi so people aren’t expecting this perfectly formed ice cream ball on the top of their sundae.

We got through our meal relatively quickly, but obviously wanted to stay and watch the “show.” At Animator’s Palate on the Magic there are two shows, the one where the color slowly fills the pictures and the restaurant (with a surprise guest at the end) and the animation magic one (which I will talk about on our last night). Our servers wanted us to stay for the show as well, and they felt bad we were sitting there without food so they took turns keeping us entertained with puzzles.

Here are some pictures of the way the restaurant lights up:

2015-01-06 21.35.44 2015-01-06 21.37.39 2015-01-06 21.42.04

After dinner, we grabbed sodas from the deck and went to see Guardians of the Galaxy in the theater. I had seen the movie already, but Dave hadn’t and wanted to see it. I must admit, the day filled with food and adult drinks (not to mention the seasickness) got the best of me and I fell asleep on Dave’s shoulder. I did however, wake up in time to see the ending again (which was my favorite part anyway!).

Next Up: Mr. MOB to the aft, Mr. MOB to the aft.

Answer to the Trivia Question: Winifred “Winnie” Sanderson from Hocus Pocus.

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