Disney Magic Trip Report Day 4, Part 2: Mixology and Music Trivia!

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Day 4, Part 2: Mixology and Music Trivia!

After taking seasickness medication, getting some fresh air, resting and drinking some ginger ale I felt so much better. Well enough, that I decided not to forgo our mixology seminar at 2:00 that afternoon. It was another thing I had been really looking forward to and though I wouldn’t push it, I wanted to experience it. The seminar was in the After Hours adult area in Keys. Keys is the elegant, piano bar, where you can sip on cocktails and listen to live music each night. Though we did not end up in partaking in that, it seemed like a nice relaxing ambiance and I loved the wall paper!

When we got there, stations were set up all over the lounge that looked similar to this:

2015-01-06 14.04.25 2015-01-06 14.04.32

That’s right, many of the drinks either came pre-mixed or had pre-mixed elements. However, as you read on you’ll see there were some hands on portions as well. Forgive me though as I don’t have too great of notes on this.

Now I don’t remember the name of our hostess for the day but she was the head bartender at Keys, from Jamaica and had a heck of a personality. Our first drink was a rum punch (it’s the one with in the tall glass that looks peachy/papaya colored). Before tasting this, our hostess told us a little about the rum made in Jamaica, particularly one made from sugar cane that is so strong that if you take it on airplanes it can go up in flames (apparently it’s banned). Take from that what you will. Anyway, the drink was good, but since it had been iced and sitting for a while before we began it was a bit watery.

Next up was the somewhat traditional Margarita, though I feel there was something a little different about this one. I’m not a tequila fan, but this one was actually manageable for me. However, since I didn’t love it…. I gave most of mine to Dave after taking a sip. No sense in pushing the seasickness if I didn’t like the drink!

Next up was a Raspberry Mojito with a bit of audience participation. At each station, we were given a glass with raspberries and mint, a shot glass of white rum, a muddler, and cans of club soda.

Here’s Dave ready with his muddler:

2015-01-06 14.17.26

We were asked to muddle the mint and the raspberries, then pour the rum in, then add a splash of club soda (she warned us to only add a splash and not spoil the drink!) and stir it with a cocktail stirrer (Dave used his rum punch straw).

2015-01-06 14.22.59

The result: Delicious! This was definitely our favorite of the five. But there were still two more to go!

2015-01-06 14.23.22

Next up was a martini with pomegranate liquor and Prosecco. For this one, the bar attendants helping out came and poured the Prosecco as our hostess explained the drink. This way the drink wasn’t sitting for a long time losing it’s carbonation. This one was pretty good, probably my second favorite of the bunch.

Last, but not least, was the b52 which was a shot of Kahlua, Bailey’s and Grand Marnier.  The Kahlua and Bailey’s were pre-poured, but they passed around bottles of Grand Marnier for us to pour our own. I’m not a shot person, but this was smooth at first with a bit of a kick of an aftertaste, not bad.

2015-01-06 14.36.15

At one point I remember the bar tender talking about how sweet drinks go down so easy and you don’t really feel them until you (try) to stand up and can’t walk. She then mentioned don’t worry though, that’s why Disney has collapsible wheelchairs everywhere on the ship. She also said to everyone as we finished that she would have the recipes available a couple days later in the cruise if we stopped by for them (and remembered). She also welcomed us to come back to Keys for a drink later but told us to go get something to eat first.

This was definitely a fun experience and getting the recipes was great. We had a great time listening to the hostess who was constantly making jokes and also enjoyed the drinks that were available. For the amount of different drinks, the atmosphere, the recipes, and the free entertainment in the form of our hostess, I felt it was worth the $20 cover.

We headed up to Cove Caffe after that for some specialty coffees. Dave got a cafe latte and I got a caramel latte. Then we headed down to O’Gills for 50s/60s Music Trivia. Alright, I know what you are thinking: you two were not even born in the 50s/60s… how can you compete with that. True. Out of all of our competition, we were by far the youngest group. However, we held our own.

The structure of music trivia is that they play the first couple seconds of the intro of a song and you need to write down the title and artist (1 point for each). At the end, you switch papers with another team to correct each other. Then the host has everyone put their papers in the air and he asks “Keep your papers in the air if you have more than X points” etc. We had 32 out of 40 and were one of I believe 3 teams with more than 30. The winning team had 36. So, all in all, we were pretty proud of ourselves for being born in the 80’s and knowing so many!

Next Up: The Animator’s Palate Lonely Hearts Club Dinner.

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2 Replies to “Disney Magic Trip Report Day 4, Part 2: Mixology and Music Trivia!”

    1. It actually wasn’t as much alcohol as I thought it would be because 3 of the drinks and were miniature sized. Granted I didn’t drink most of the margarita, didn’t overpour when we got to pour, and had a full stomach from Palo but I didn’t actually feel the alcohol and I’m very much a “light weight” when it comes to drinking. You definitely got good tasting drinks but it wasn’t enough to get the boat rocking (more than it already was!).


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